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Genuine, gentle yet also unflinching



It’s a little unusual to be able to say you enjoyed learning about things you’d rather not think about (death and dying), but Linda’s sessions on End of Life Planning and Funeral Options were enjoyable and incredibly informative. 


Linda’s professional communication style was pitch-perfect. She conveyed information very clearly and her style ensured we all felt comfortable asking questions and speaking about our own experiences (most of which were not pleasant because of the absence of information about the wishes of loved ones when they were dying/ had died.) 


Linda also provided excellent resources - hard copies on the day, as well as a list of resources for follow-up reading. I’m leaning towards saying such sessions should be compulsory for everyone! It’s so helpful to have a reasonably easy way to let our loved ones know our wishes, (and for our loved ones to let us know theirs.) Linda’s sessions gave us a very straightforward way to do this. Many thanks Linda!




In the last year, both my parents have progressively become ill and my father passed away 6 months ago. Linda has accompanied me through what has been a difficult time in my family. She’s incredibly compassionate, and knows the territory of ageing parents, family tensions and what menopause calls up. She has listened patiently, asking all the right questions and posing ones I hadn’t thought of, making this time with my parents, one of honesty, at times, joy, and helped me to have some really difficult conversations in my family. While I’m not through all of it yet, I feel incredibly well supported by Linda and her knowledge of this particular time of life (and death), and know I can come to her and be heard, and gather aspects of myself together to go through the grieving processes, and to use what time I do have left with my mother, to ensure our relationship is clear and as loving as we can make it. I would highly recommend anyone who is going through this pre-death / death /grieving process, seek Linda out for support, compassion and clarity. I’m deeply grateful for all Linda has offered me.


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