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In my experience, people don’t always come to therapy because there’s a problem they want to fix. More often, people seek out counselling because something just doesn’t feel right, something has shifted in their lives and they want help in navigating that change. These shifts usually accompany our life transitions and our culture lacks the community rituals around what were once seen as profound rites of passage.


I see life as a collection of threads we weave over time. A tapestry of ancestral, familial and cultural stories that we are woven into when we are born and an emergent story that we weave for ourselves. Stories of hope and fear, gifts and woundings, longings and dreams. At times of transition we often stand back to notice the patterns in the weave. Maybe some of the threads have become tangled, maybe the tension needs adjusting, maybe some of your edges are fraying. 


This is the work I love to do. We are all weavers of stories. I create a sacred space to hear yours so that you can hear it too. A space to breathe between the chapters. Imagine us sitting by the alchemical fire with a cup of tea in our hands watching your story take form between us, seeing its parts unfold and weaving them into the bigger, mythopoetic story of what it means to be human. Let’s craft a story you’d want to read. 

With love


Registered Counsellor
Australian Counselling Association

End of Life Training

Natural Death Care Centre

Women's Rites of Passage Facilitator

School of Shamanic Womancraft

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