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Circles and Workshops

In circle you are held and heard. Regularly sitting in circle with a group of women over many years, I’ve seen the power of sharing our stories in a safe container. Of holding all of our rites of passage as sacred and tending to the wounds where they were not - at our first menstrual bleed, pregnancy and birth, motherhood, menopause and eventually our transition to elderhood. I have seen the potential for transformation as part of a loving village where each of us is fully seen and woven in. My practice is grounded in this experiential and embodied teaching.


I hold regular community circles and facilitate the School of Shamanic Womancraft's ‘Autumn Woman, Harvest Queen’ and 'Winter Woman, Bone Wisdom' workshops to honour and prepare for the wise woman years of menopause and elderhood.

Check the Calendar page for dates.

All humans who identify as women are welcome.

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