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Honouring our rites of passage, from Maiden to Mother, from Maga and to Crone, sows the seeds for a deep and rich elderhood and prepares us for the final rite of passage that is Death. I feel strongly that our culture must meet death and dying with more courage so that we can support our loved ones to die well and for the living to find safe spaces to honour our grief. In my work as a death doula, I support families to have more open conversations about this final rite of passage, assist with end of life planning and encourage the creation of personal ritual and ceremony. For those that remain, I offer ongoing support as you navigate your way through the grieving process.


I hear lots of stories as people prepare for life’s final rite of passage. It’s a rare gift to listen to people reflecting on their life as it comes to an end. For many, this is the first time they have told their story to anyone. It’s an opportunity to see how all of the threads dance together. Speaking it aloud is often the catalyst that enables us to meet death peacefully, with grace and dignity. But what is most important to me in this work is encouraging all of us to consider how we want to live. To identify what means most to us in this final rite of passage. Each of us has that opportunity every day, in every moment. You are writing your story with every breath.


Individual one hour sessions in person or online $110

Small Group (3-8 people) sessions available. Gather a group of friends at your place for afternoon tea and let's get your plans organised!

* These events are not suitable for people who have suffered a recent bereavement.
   Please contact me for individual counselling to support you in your grieving process. 

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